CNC aluminium cutting; large 20mm-thick plate with recesses and thicknesses machined.Innundated with CNC aluminium cutting jobs lately, we have just finished machining a second batch of large Aluminium components for local Perth company, Fastbrick Robotics. Their revolutionary new brick laying robot, the Hadrian X, is currently under construction to be completed later this year. This is an exciting project which we are happy to be supplying parts for.

Here at Routers Australia we offer a precision CNC machining service. Our CNC Routers are ideal for cutting large aluminium pieces or aluminium sheets such asCNC aluminium cutting; large 20mm-thick plate with recesses and thicknesses machined. these, up to 40 mm thick.

For this particular job for the Hadrian X we were cutting recesses and machining thicknesses on sheets which were 20-mm thick and up to 3.8 metres long.

You will find more detailed information and examples of our CNC aluminium cutting capabilities here.

More on the Hadrian X

This “mother” is the first part of a digital construction system set to seriously change the face of the building industry worldwide. It will allow for both very affordable housing, and incredibly fast construction.  Hadrian X’s predecessor and technology demonstrator, the Hadrian 05, successfully completed the first block printed structure from a mobile base 20 metres away in 2015. The new Hadrian X will be able to drive up, extend it’s unfolding boom and construct the walls of an average sized home in only two days.

Using bricks which are 15 times larger than standard bricks, it is capable of laying more than 1,000 per hour. In contrast to this, the “normal”  rate for standard bricklaying is around 300-400 per hour. The Hadrian X will “print” the structure layer by layer, including details such as door and window frames, stair structures and built-in robes. 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) software will ensure that every brick is right where it’s meant to be!

In the past, accuracy has always been a problematic issue with this type of machine. Changing environmental conditions such as weather, as well as compensation necessary for a very long moving boom, both present challenges. Now able to overcome these difficulties, the Hadrian X positioning system and FBR’s patented, multi-axis stabilization system work together to make this the world’s first successful mobile robot of it’s kind. Learn more about the Hadrian X here.

Keep your eyes peeled; you may soon see a Hadrian X doing it’s thing on a street near you!



Routers Australia recently completed work involving CNC Routing Aluminium for Kinetic Art. The pieces were to be part of an interesting sculpture which was the creation of well-known Perth artist, Geoffrey-Drake Brockman.

Assorted pieces of CNC Routed 3mm aluminium for kinetic art sculpture. Cut by Routers Australia.

Assorted pieces of 3mm CNC Routed aluminium for kinetic art sculpture. Cut by Routers Australia.

Kinetic Art sculpture "Howe's Dream" by artist Geoffrey-Drake Brockman,

Kinetic Art sculpture “Howe’s Dream” by artist Geoffrey-Drake Brockman

Brockman’s original piece, titled “Howe’s Dream”, was attached to an old sewing machine & exhibited at the “Machines and Makers” Exhibition at Mundaring Arts Centre in 2016.

The concept is taken from the intriging true story  which Geoffrey relates:

“In 1845 Elias Howe had a dream in which he was surrounded by cannibals. They were holding spears and preparing to cook him. He was in the middle of all the cannibals and they were jabbing rhythmically at him with their spears. Howe noticed that the head of each spear had a hole in it. Thus inspired, Howe went on to invent the modern sewing machine – which uses a needle with a hole at its tip…”

Assorted pieces of CNC Routed 3mm aluminium for kinetic art sculpture. Cut by Routers Australia.

Kinetic art from precision-CNC Routed aluminium pieces.


The pieces were cut from 3mm thick aluminium using a 2mm diameter cutter to obtain small radii. A small drill of 1.6mm diameter was used as well.

Fine detail can be produced in all types of components by a CNC Router. This is shown by the fine inlay in the arrowhead piece.

Contact RA for all your fine detail components!