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Project GT40

If you have visited Perth, Western Australia, you may have caught a glimpse of this sleek, liquid grey icon of Performance Motorsports plying the city’s streets. Back in 2014 the Ford GT40 Supercar required conversion from left to right-hand drive and Routers Australia was commissioned to complete the structural work required . Think reverse engineering. […]

Folding Mirror Finish Stainless Steel

The folding of mirror finish stainless steel to create multi-faceted surfaces can result in exceptionally beautiful art works. Making full use of light and reflection they are able to take on a whole life of their own. We have, over the last couple of years been working with Perth based cybernetics artist, Geoffrey Drake-Brockman, on […]

Scientific Equipment Looking good!

It’s been a busy month for scientific equipment, especially for analytical laboratories. We have just completed another batch of robotic crucible holders, which are used for cleaning platinum crucibles. These are manufactured by Routers Australia. They are one example of the high precision scientific equipment which we are able to produce.

Creating Signage that Gives the Edge

Creating signage that gives an edge to your business is an extremely important part of successful advertising. This is yet another area where the CNC Router excels, and with the current growing demand we are proud to be able to offer a topnotch and comprehensive service in this area. We will cut to your specifications, […]

CNC Routed Templates and 3D Laser Scanning

Using the precision and accuracy of CNC Routing and 3D laser scanning together brings exciting new possibilities to the building industry and to fabricators in general. Although 3D Laser Scanning is not new technology and is widely used worldwide, it’s applications have yet to be fully explored and embraced. Such is the case with it’s […]

Concrete Moulds for DFO, Perth Airport

Routers Australia CNC Cutting Service has once again been involved in an exciting new building project here in WA, creating the concrete moulds needed for the job. In a show of confidence in WA’s medium to long term economy, Perth Airport & Vicinity Centres have undertaken a joint venture in which they are currently building […]

CNC Aluminium Cutting for the Hadrian X Robot

Innundated with CNC aluminium cutting jobs lately, we have just finished machining a second batch of large Aluminium components for local Perth company, Fastbrick Robotics. Their revolutionary new brick laying robot, the Hadrian X, is currently under construction to be completed later this year. This is an exciting project which we are happy to be […]


Building a 1916 Sopwith Triplane using a CNC Router

Routers Australia is currently working on a very exciting project, CNC Machining the components for the construction of a 1916 Sopwith Triplane, which is one of the most famous planes in aviation history & widely used during WWI. All measurements are from original Blueprints & components, which are then 3-D modelled in Solidworks, & toolpaths […]

Routers Australia & ErgoMeasure Laser Scanning/3D Machining 2017 Show Invitation

Routers Australia & ErgoMeasure are pleased to announce our 2017 Show, showcasing the latest technology in Laser Scanning & 3D Machining. Architects, Engineers, unleash your creative potential, reduce buildability risk for clients. Our Highly accurate 3D Laser Scanning and CNC Service will give fabricators confidence, while reducing costs.   We would love to see you there! […]

CNC Routing Signs for TAFE WA Installation.

Routers Australia recently completed a project CNC Routing Signs for a TAFE WA installation. Letters & signs were cut in three different mediums totaling 80 pieces. This included MDF templates to enable easy installation of all letters. The three mediums we used were: 10mm thick aluminium plate; 3mm aluminium sheet & 10mm black acrylic. As […]