We can design and CNC Cut MDF to Suit your Product

MDF templates for electric guitar CNC-Routed by Routers AustraliaHere at Routers Australia, we pride ourselves on offering excellent workmanship and high-quality products. Our expert team and professional tools mean that we never hold back on quality, while still providing affordable product solutions.

Our Perth-based company provides many services, one of which is our CNC routing service. We cut and route a wide range of materials including wood and plastic. We also cut medium-density fibre (MDF) sheets to be used in a variety of applications. Contact our helpful team who will gladly assist you with any queries.

Our professional and highly capable company services a range of different clients and industries. We provide components and products to shop fitters and cabinetmakers, as well as to stage production teams requiring a wide range of props to be produced. In the building industry, we are seeing a growing trend in the use of MDF templates for accuracy in fabrication and welding. We also provide great solutions for any personalised gifting ideas.

MDF is a versatile and affordable material that is used to manufacture a range of products. It is made from wood fibres, which means that it does not have an actual grain and has a completely smooth surface, ideal for paints and varnishes. This also allows it to be easily machined to produce many different items.

Our CNC MDF cutting service provides an accurate and efficient solution to manufacturing your desired products. Computer-numerical control (CNC) machines use software to allow your chosen design to be easily transformed into a practical product. We use numerous software packages including SolidWorks, CAMWorks, EnRoute and Aspire. Routers Australia offers a seemingly endless number of models and designs to choose from, depending on your requirements.

We also offer a high level of flexibility as we can create customised products based on your own designs. Whether you require products for your business or for personal use, we can assist you from start to finish. We will aid you in the design phase, create a model of the product, produce a prototype and eventually manufacture the end product.

As we’ve mentioned, we have plenty of CNC MDF cutting designs, to choose from. In addition, our online CNC service will allow you to view your chosen design, in a 3D format, to determine how it will look once it is manufactured. Our MDF CNC cutting service will ensure that your desired product is cut accurately and efficiently, drastically reducing the amount of wasted material.

MDF is a extremely versatile material

CNC MDF Cutting and Routing projectsMDF is a versatile material which can be used for a wide range of CNC cut furniture including wall panels, storage units and even book shelves. By using our MDF CNC router to do the job, we are able to deliver products of the highest standard every time.

Because MDF is so easy to machine, there are plenty of products that can be made from it, in addition to furniture. Beautiful children’s toys such as intricate doll houses are one option, while a customised train set could be another. MDF signs for interior use are also a possibility, and we offer a range of engraving services for these as well. MDF is highly resilient and very durable, making it a great option for any design, including 3D cutting.

If you’d like to discuss your MDF project in more detail, or if you’d like a quote, contact us today. We’re here to help you turn your MDF design into something great.