Concrete Moulds for DFO, Perth Airport

Artist's impression of new DFO Shopping Complex at Perth Airport

Artist’s impression of the new complex; wall panels will be formed with our concrete moulds.

Routers Australia CNC Cutting Service has once again been involved in an exciting new building project here in WA, creating the concrete moulds needed for the job.

In a show of confidence in WA’s medium to long term economy, Perth Airport & Vicinity Centres have undertaken a joint venture in which they are currently building a $150 MILLION Direct Factory Outlets (DFO) shopping complex on the Airport Estate, due to be open for business in the Spring of 2018.

Routers Australia CNC Routed the concrete moulds for the job, which is now underway & it’s great to see images of the resulting concrete panels being put in place as Georgiou Group, one of Australia’s leading building & civil construction companies, continues work on the project. Moulded concrete panels for construction, from MDF concrete moulds by Routers Australia, Perth

These moulds are created from form board (resin coated plywood) & are cut on a CNC Router using files created from the engineers’ plans by our industry standard programs. Using this system we are able to maintain an extremely high level of accuracy & gauranteed top quality work , which results in trouble-free production & installation of the concrete panels, as is the case with this job.


The DFO complex will be located on a nine hectare site on Dunreath Drive, within the Airport West Retail Park. It will contain more than 110 specialty outlets, predominantly fashion, together with a creative mix of cafes & restaurants and parking for 1,600 cars.

Moulded concrete panels for building construction. MDF moulds CNC routed by Routers Australia, PerthDirect Factory Outlets specialises in selling last season’s fashion articles at up to 70% discount on the original price, & includes international brands such as Armani, Calvin Klein, Oroton & Burberry as well as mainstream brands such as JeansWest, Just Jeans & Portmans.

The design of the building, by Taylor Robinson, has drawn inspiration from both natural & man-made flight, with sweeping lines in the architecture & landscape that set a new design benchmark for this brand of outlet retail environments.


Routers Australia’s CNC Routing service also recently provided concrete moulds for Georgiou Group for the Old Mandurah Traffic Bridge Upgrade, which is now partially open for traffic & looking just great!

Routers Australia is a versatile, professional CNC Routing/Cutting Service located in Armadale, Perth, Western Australia. We provide all your CNC cutting needs in a large variety of mediums including aluminium, plywood, solid wood, MDF, plastic & steel. Templates for installation can be cut to make your job easy. Read more about our service here.

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Building a 1916 Sopwith Triplane using CNC Router

1916 Sopwith TriplaneRouters Australia is currently working on a very exciting project, CNC Machining the components for the construction of a 1916 Sopwith Triplane, which is one of the most famous planes in aviation history & widely used during WWI.

All measurements are from original Blueprints & components, which are then 3-D modelled in Solidworks, & toolpaths created in CAMWorks. This data is transferred into a Routers Australia CNC Router, & the components cut with speed & precision.


Original Clerget 9B rotary aircraft engine

Here it is; one of the few original Clerget 9B rotary engines still in existence, ready to be installed in the Sopwith Triplane!

A note or two about the Motor :

The  original Clerget 9B rotary engine is a a nine-cylinder rotary aircraft motor designed by Pierre Clerget & used extensively by the British &  French during the World War I era. It was used on aircraft such as the Sopwith Camel & Sopwith Triplane.

An interesting fact about the Clerget 9B is that the propellor is fixed to the motor, with the entire engine spinning.

This motor is one of approxiately 18 originals left in the world. The photo shows both the size & beauty of this 1916 engineering masterpiece!

After it’s arrival, the motor’s eagerly anticipated first test run, was conducted & it ran beautifully.

1916 Sopwith Triplane CNC Routed wooden wing parts

CNC Routed wooden wing parts glued & assembled

Regarding the Wooden Components :

Top-quality wood was required for this project, matching the specifications needed for the aircraft: primarily, extremely light, while at the same time very strong.  Therefore, some components are being cut from 16 mm-thick Californian Aircraft Spruce, while Birch-Face Poplar is beng used for thinner pieces. As expected, this wood comes at a large expense & accuracy is imperative.. Herein lies one of the beauties of 3-D Modelling together with CNC machining.

Working from original blueprints, we are using some of the best industry-standard programs (SOLIDWORKS/CAMWorks) to create 3-D Models, & from these creating DXF Files, along with 2D & 3D toolpaths for the machine.

Here at Routers Australia we are proud to be a part of this exciting project! Stay tuned for more about the wood & metal components along with updates & photos as the building of the Sopwith progresses!







Routers Australia & ErgoMeasure Laser Scanning/3D Machining 2017 Show Invitation

Invitation poster for Routers Australia & ErgoMeasure's 2017 Show

Routers Australia & ErgoMeasure are pleased to announce our 2017 Show, showcasing the latest technology in Laser Scanning & 3D Machining.

Architects, Engineers, unleash your creative potential, reduce buildability risk for clients.

Our Highly accurate 3D Laser Scanning and CNC Service will give fabricators confidence, while reducing costs.


We would love to see you there!

Date: Wednesday 23rd August 2017
Time: 6pm – 8pm
Venue: 2/55 Champion Drive, Armadale, WA 6110

Please RSVP if attending due to refreshments.


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CNC Routing Signs for TAFE WA Installation.

CNC routed Signage

Completed & installed at one of the locations on campus. 

Routers Australia recently completed a project CNC Routing Signs for a TAFE WA installation.

Letters & signs were cut in three different mediums totaling 80 pieces. This included MDF templates to enable easy installation of all letters.

The three mediums we used were: 10mm thick aluminium plate; 3mm aluminium sheet & 10mm black acrylic.

CNC Routing signs: Aluminium TAFE WA sign with 3mm deep recessed letters to be paint-filled.

This image showing recessed letters. Fine finish & all cutter marks will be masked by paint fill.

As shown in the images, some signs had 3mm deep letters cut into the aluminium plate, which would later be paint-filled.

Stand-alone letters from both aluminium & black acrylic needed to have high quality edge finish, as shown in the image below.

Throughout the cutting process Routers Australia took extreme care to prevent any scratches, marks or dents, ensuring an immaculate finish.

Finally, Routers Australia packed the completed pieces with bubble wrap inside a crate constructed for the job. Wooden crates are used for long distance travel to prevent damage & ensure safe transit & delivery of items.

CNC Routing signs: Edge view of 10mm aluminium letter for sign showing high gloss superfine finish.

Edge view of 10mm aluminium letter for sign showing high gloss superfine finish.

Another batch of speaker pods going out the door, professionally packed by Routers Australia to ensure safe delivery anywhere in Australia or overseas.

Another batch of speaker pods going out the door, professionally packed. Routers Australia will ensure that your job is safely delivered anywhere in Australia or overseas.


CNC Routing Aluminium for Kinetic Art

Routers Australia recently completed work involving CNC Routing Aluminium for Kinetic Art. The pieces were to be part of an interesting sculpture which was the creation of well-known Perth artist, Geoffrey-Drake Brockman.

Assorted pieces of CNC Routed 3mm aluminium for kinetic art sculpture. Cut by Routers Australia.

Assorted pieces of 3mm CNC Routed aluminium for kinetic art sculpture. Cut by Routers Australia.

Kinetic Art sculpture "Howe's Dream" by artist Geoffrey-Drake Brockman,

Kinetic Art sculpture “Howe’s Dream” by artist Geoffrey-Drake Brockman

Brockman’s original piece, titled “Howe’s Dream”, was attached to an old sewing machine & exhibited at the “Machines and Makers” Exhibition at Mundaring Arts Centre in 2016.

The concept is taken from the intriging true story  which Geoffrey relates:

“In 1845 Elias Howe had a dream in which he was surrounded by cannibals. They were holding spears and preparing to cook him. He was in the middle of all the cannibals and they were jabbing rhythmically at him with their spears. Howe noticed that the head of each spear had a hole in it. Thus inspired, Howe went on to invent the modern sewing machine – which uses a needle with a hole at its tip…”

Assorted pieces of CNC Routed 3mm aluminium for kinetic art sculpture. Cut by Routers Australia.

Kinetic art from precision-CNC Routed aluminium pieces.


The pieces were cut from 3mm thick aluminium using a 2mm diameter cutter to obtain small radii. A small drill of 1.6mm diameter was used as well.

Fine detail can be produced in all types of components by a CNC Router. This is shown by the fine inlay in the arrowhead piece.

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